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The Upper Cumberland Foster Closet meets the needs of foster & kinship families by providing clothing and other necessities for children in custody. The team at UCFC also works hard to support families by hosting and providing special events, establish community support through Foster Friendly Partners, and provide opportunities for fellowship with other foster/kinship families with "Connecting Families".

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Rayn, Kinship Parent

When we got the call to take custody of a 13 hour old infant boy, we were less than prepared. We had some clothes and major essentials, but he was born addicted and was smaller than much of what we had for him. We didn't realize how much of a need we really had until we got home. Reality set in. Because it was a custody placement and not foster, we would be getting no clothing allowance or any other benefits for that matter. I called the foster closet and within hours someone met me and sent me out the door with several bags that would get us started. It was a moment I will never forget. I'm usually on the giving side of things but for once we needed to receive. I'm so thankful that they were there for us.


Crystal, Foster Mom

After 8 long years of trying to have another baby God led our family in a different direction.  God called us to become Foster parents. But even after all the training and preparing of our home we figured out quickly that we were not ready for a child/children to be dropped off with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.  Recently we got a call about a sibling group of 2.  The youngest came with a couple dresses/shirts but nothing else and the older child came with nothing but 1 pair of pants and 2 shirts.  We weren’t exactly prepared for 2 more children but with the help of the Foster closest we got the bed we needed and plenty of clothing to get us by for awhile.  Fostering isn’t for everyone but when you have amazing support groups/people like the Foster closet on your side it makes it a lot easier.  Everyone there is super friendly and willing to meet anytime to fill the needs of the children coming to care. 

Lara, Foster Mom

The Upper Cumberland Foster Closet has been an absolute Godsend. When my girls came into custody 18 months ago they showed up with the clothes on their backs and a small tote of things DCS threw together that didn't fit. First thing the next morning we went to the foster closet and they were able to pick out several outfits, socks, undergarments, shoes, pajamas - everything they needed to get by a bit until we got our first check and could get some shopping done. We've been back twice when seasons changed and gotten more necessities. We've also collected what they outgrew and took it back to be given to other kids. I absolutely adore the wonderful team at the Upper Cumberland Foster Closet. We are very blessed to have them.

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The Foster Closet

The foster closet opened its' doors in June of 2019. Since then, we have served over 200 families and given away thousands of clothing articles. Everything you see in the pictures is donated and given to foster families at no cost. 

Volunteering Group


Our organization is an all-volunteer organization. We are always in need of volunteers to sort through donations and help manage the foster closet. (We are also kid-friendly  

Donation Boxes


We are a 501(c)3 (tax deductible) nonprofit organization and operate solely through donations. Click the link below to see how you can contribute. 

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Sponsors & Partners

We could not do what we do to assist the foster care community without community support. See how your business or organization can get involved and make a difference. 

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